Medical Billing Job Search Tips

The first thing you need when starting a medical billing job search is a resume. Include your school information, including GPA and courses taken, and any internships that you worked. Also include past employment, even that outside of the medical field. Volunteer hours look good on a resume, so list what you have done in this area and how many hours. Make sure to list all the types of billing in which you have been trained, as well as what experience you have. Your resume needs to be perfect in spelling and grammar. Mistakes on a resume donít leave a good impression for someone who needs to have excellent coding skills. Have someone read over your resume and give you tips for improvement or changes.

Check with the school personnel for job possibilities that they know about. Contact other students and anyone with whom you have volunteered in the past.

Scan local online job boards and newspaper ads. Post your resume on online job sites, including the big ones like Monster and CareerBuilder. Also, post a resume on healthcare sites.

If you are a member of a professional organization, visit their site and apply for jobs that you find there.

While you are conducting your job search, practice your billing and coding skills to keep them sharp.