Medical Billing Job Interview

Once you have an interview, your focus changes from searching for medical billing jobs to getting a job. You should plan for the interview just as you did for the job search.

1. When you go for the interview, take several copies of your resume and certificates.

2. Ask people from your school for letters of recommendation.

3. Find the location of the interview so you can be on time on that day.

4. Dress in business clothes, even though you may wear scrubs at the actual job.

5. Shake the interviewer’s hand and be courteous.

6. Before the interview, review class information about billing, so you can easily answer questions about your training.

7. Be prepared for hard questions, such as what are your strengths and weaknesses. Show even your weaknesses in a positive light.

8. Ask questions about the office or hospital and show your interest in working for them.

9. Thank the interviewer at the end of the meeting.

10. A thank you note is a nice touch after the interview.